Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He is officially in the Mission Field!

Well Andrew is officially in the mission field. No more training center for him, all though I think he'd prefer to stay there. I am so proud of Andrew, he just seems to be doing so well, picking up on everything really easily and it has to be because he is doing what he is supposed to and following the spirit.

His new companion is actually from Utah also (small world? or small mormon community?) He is from Riverton, and is and entire foot taller than Andrew at 6'7"! Anyway, where he is now is called Chicacao, he says there are lizards, bugs and dogs everywhere. Sounds like Boy HEaven to me. Anyway, hahaha, he says his apartment looks like a crime scene. orange toilets and sink, and really dirty. Mom will be so proud, because of him the sinks and toilet are now white again, and he is planning on working on the floor and shower. He is going to make a GREAT husband some day!

The have a little lady in their ward who does their laundry and cooks them lunch and dinner, HOW NICE!! He says she is super sweet and takes good care of them. His sisters and mother are already very grateful for her.

He says everyone lives in cement houses with dirt floors, but they are all so humble there, and everyone is willing to listen to their message. Here is an excerpt from his last email and then you can see his pictures below!

"We were teaching a family, Luis and Sylvia. They are so so amazing. Here s the thing, there becoming eternal investigators, or dry members (members without baptism) Luis wants to be baptized so bad. He knows its true and has recieved a witness, and wants it. He knows with all his heart. Loved the temple, and wants to be sealed and be with his fam forever! However, his wife is evangelico and shes been baptized, and will not change. She has felt the spirit time and time again, and she knows it. She loved the temple, but she keeps in a way denying it. Its so frustrating. I was almost crying in the lesson. I was so choked up bearing my testimony about when we were sealed. The other thing is Luis wont be baptized without her. He´s waiting, and were frustrated so were gonna be patient and do what we can, and let the lord do his thing."

The 'NAcho Libre' bus he keeps talking about....She has a name, Andrew, Esmeralda!Here is the temple he gets to go to, it is soooo beautiful! It's in a city called Quetzaltanango (try saying that!) oh, and their currency is called a Quetzal!

If I HAD to guess, I'd guess (and hope) the bed on the left is Andrew's!
Here's my cute brother and his companions!! He already looks so much older!!
Andrew being, well, Andrew!

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