Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It has been awhile and I'm sorry!! We are SO looking forward to hearing from Andrew on Christmas day.

He is doing great. He has already had two baptisms, and they were done in a RIVER! Here is their story in Andrew's words :

About three years ago, the oldest kid got kicked out of the house for joining the mormon church and the parents were really against it. As a branch about 2 weeks ago we went to the temple open house, and she came. We started teaching her after that, and placed a fecha to be baptized. Later on we realized Olgas sister thomasa was listening in and we decided to invite her to listen. The district leader and my comp placed a baptismal date with her and we taught them and they were baptized saturday! Before baptism, each convert has to have an interview with the district or zone leader. When the zone leaders showed up to interview them, all was well and the dad gave permission for them to be baptized, since they are under 18 and they need it. He asked us if we would baptize his other two kids!

What a cute family! They have set a goal to complete 5 baptisms this month, including the two they have done already, and it sounds like he has 4 more scheduled within the next couple of weeks!! There hasn't been a baptism in his area in months. Sounds like Andrew was definitely meant to go there and is fulfilling his duty!

They have a branch down there and he said on Sunday there were 77 members there, which is a ton!

He is still on his cleaning trip, sanitizing and scouring every alst bit of their bathroom it sounds like. He is even asking for fitted sheets! That's Andrew all right!

He is doing SO good, we only get bits and pieces of info from him, because he is SO busy that he hardly has time to write. He briefly mentioned that he has received 4 packages, so thank you to all who have sent them.


Before I end this novel, I just wanna share the words to my favorite hymn. Its number 88 in the Himnos (spanish hymns).

Placentero nos es trabajar-Pleasant is our work
en la vina del gran rey jesus-In the Vineyard of our grand King, Christ
y honroso nos es predicar- We preach with honor

Oh hermanos adios pues adios- Oh brothers goodbye, goodbye
el momento de ir vino ya- The moment to go has arrived
si guardar nuestro fe en el gran dios- If we guard our faith in the grand King
We will see you on the other side!
I love you! I pray for you!
Remember, were all in this together, and until next time....
Keep your stick on the ice! -The Red Green Show
Love Elder Smith

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