Sunday, November 20, 2011

First health ailment and more!

we got some more e-mails from Andrew over the past couple of weeks, you can tell he is more and more focused on his mission and less about what is going on at home.

Apparently, he is suffering from a condition called cellulitis on his face right now, which is basically an infection in the fat under your skin and gets really swollen. He didn't say how big it got, but that it might have had something to do with the unsanitary water down there and possibly washing his face with it. Thank goodness they have Dr.'s down there to take care of our missionaries!

He is starting to get nervous about entering the actual mission field, where he will be full-time and without further formal training, it's all spiritual guidance from here! make sure to keep him in your prayers especially during this time.

He wanted me to share a story, which is a weird story to share, but that's Andrew!

The night before we got here, they hear some chick screaming at the top of her lungs, then 5 gun shots and a car peeling out. The next day on the way to the temple there was blood on the parking lot! Were in the hood! But im in the lords protection and as long as im obeying the rules I will be okay!

He also said that he is starting to get letters from '' so thank you everyone, and keep it up!

For those who want to send him a package he suggests getting together with others and sending him on big one, it is really expensive to ship there.

He finally got a new companion, he was in a trio for awhile as his first companion came back to the United State because he was having trouble with the language. He was paired with another Elder who was also in a trio, and Andrew says his current companion also speaks Spanish well so that is a relief to him.

I am so surprised to hear how well he is doing with the language, usually you hear that the biggest struggle for new missionaries is the language, and I am so proud that he has picked it up so easily!

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