Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WE have pictures!!!

We finally got some pictures of our long lost brother! Looks like he is having a good time at the MTC. He is in Guatemala now and has been for one week. We got a call from him from the airport the night he left, it was sooooo good to hear from him. He already sounds so humbled and you can just hear the faithfulnesss in his voice!!

He misses all of us, of course, and really wants to be kept updated on current sports stats!

My parents got an email from him right after he got to Guatemala, it has a really funny story in it, here is an excerpt:

i have to tell you this story however, we got of the plane, got through immigration and customs, and we headed out to find a church representative. we couldnt find him anywhere, all of a sudden an airport worker tells us that hermano percy (brother percy) wouldnt be there to get us, so he puts us in this ghetto nacho libre bus and sends us off into Guatemala! we were all so scared but the bus had a picture of Jesus on the back of it and the inside had vive Jesus everywhere, which means Jesus lives. so that was a little comforting, we knew that the mtc was next to the temple so once we saw that we knew we were okay!

He also said that the food at the Guatemala MTC tastes better, and that there are only about 75 missionaries total there!! His new companion is from Texas, and he said the driving there is completely crazy, sounds like there aren't many traffic laws.

This is the only letter we've gotten from him so far, so I am sure we will hear and learn a lot more from him!! Thanks for your support everyone!

He found a missionary his size!!!
This is Elder Dyches

This picture is pretty cool, he is SO sentimental, my brother,

Look at all those baby faces!

Andrew and Elder Warren from Milwaukee, his first companion

Andrew's closet, and if I know Andrew, this took some getting used to.........

Representing on P-day......

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