Monday, October 3, 2011

We got a bunch of e-mails from Andrew last week, so I will summarize them the best I can. Andrew is doing good! He said he started learning Spanish 20 min after we dropped him off. Every Sunday he has to prepare a talk in Spanish and be prepared to give it during sacrament meeting as his leader chooses someone to speak at random!

His companion is Elder Warren, and I cannot for the life of me find in his emails where he is from, I'm fired, I know. I believe he is either from Wisconsin or Minnesota. Anyway Andrew says it is weird to be with him ALL the time. Andrew sleeps on the top bunk (finally got a bunkbed!) and he is also the Senior Companion. His FAVORITE part of the day is showering, he gets a hot shower (at least while he is still in the U.S. anyway) and eats VERY well 3 times a day, all you can eat. He has already formed a close bond with the other Elders down there as he has said he hasn't really been homesick yet (what?!!?), but that's a good thing I guess!

He is getting VERY nervous to go to Guatemala in just one short week already! So keep him in your prayers. He obviously enjoys getting things like pictures and treats and anything in the mail. I asked him for a list of treats he would like and I will post that here for those who would like to send him goodies. He is also doing 'mock' discussions in Spanish and just sounds like he is doing well. His first few letters sounded like he was getting frustrated here and there but his last round of letters sounds like he has it down!

He has such a strong testimony of his Heavenly Father and it really shows in his letters. This is what he wants to be doing and he is so faithful about it. I am pressing him to send us a few pics to make sure he hasn't changed too much already -man this is going to be a long two years- thanks everyone for your continued support!

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