Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Andrew Will Be Home This year

Wow.  It sounds so crazy to say, but Andrew WILL be home this year!!  He hasn't been sending many pics, but he is doing god.  He says he is not ready for the countdown home, he is at the climax of his mission and doesn't want to come down!  All is well, he had a throat infection and was able to get that cleared up, and wlel, I'll just let Andrew tell you what he's been up to, here is an excerpt from his latest email:

We had a baptism this saturday. Really special, it was of Lariza. I told you about her a while back. She is a 25 year old single mom that just graduated from law school. She just got divorced and her entire family is super catholic. Honestly the book of mormon did everything in this story. We gave it to her and she just read and read. I dont feel like we had to teach her anything. We just taught her the lessons and the spirit did the rest.  But to see somebody like her decide to be baptized. Knowing that her family could hate her, but being willing to follow Jesus Christ is amazing. She truly has a testimony that the gospel works, that jose smith was a prophet of god. Awesome to see the conversion.

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