Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

In honor of Andrew's 20th Birthday, Let's do a quick blog post!  I still remember they day mom and dad went to the Dr. to find out if it was a boy or girl.  It was the first time I got to babysit my baby sis.  I remember when they came home and told us it was going to be a boy,  I was SO dissappointed! I was 10 years old, what were we gonna do with a forward about 5 months to when he was born, I loved him and carried him and cuddled him all the time, It's still so hard to believe. 

I am so glad that Andrew was sent to our family, he truly was meant to be here.  We all just love him so much and miss his guts!!  He has been out 11 months, thank goodness it is going fast!

Here are some recent pictures, wherever he is, It's gorgeous!!

Word is he has been transferred to a new area: closer to Mexico (hey, I DO know where that is!) in a place called Tecun Uman, which is a little more prosperous area than where he was before.  It is on the Mexican border so there is lots of good mexican food there (jealous!) 
They actually have a ward, whereas before they only had a branch and the missionaries were primarily responsible for running and facilitating church meetings including blessing and passing of the sacrament. Now, Andrew has expressed excitement in having a bishopric and a ward mission leader, and a priest quorum!  He says he enjoys going to church and being able to sit in the congregation and enjoy.  

He now lives in a "super nice 3 story home" with 3 other elders, all from the US and says they are really great to be with.  He seems relieved to be in an area where there are always 3 square meals, as people are always feeding them and taking care of him: his mom and sisters are relieved as well.

He has a laundry lady again (really? maybe I need to go on a mission) who will does his wash once a day, but says if she sees him in dirty clothes, he will be in trouble! (thanks laundry lady!!)

More to come, he did really explain this pictures, but they are beautiful!!

Thanks for following and stay tuned!

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