Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Andrew's sister is a FLAKE!

I have been horrible about updating this, going to try and catch up the best I can.

I think Andrew's baptism count is up to 6, not that anyone's counting but it does seem like he is having some luck and working hard (which we don't doubt!). He FINALLY admitted that he has been thinking about home some. He has been getting some letters also which is nice. He LOVES the bodega (market, and who wouldn't?) he has been getting some really cool stuff there, even said he has seen some 'Roy Rec' T-shirts running around down there!! There is also the Mega Paca, which, in Andrew's words is 'The DI on steroids!' hahaha....


Here are some pictures from Christmas down there. He has sent us some GREAT pictures, we decided we would like to protect the privacy of those on his mission and not post them though, until further notice. This is such a great picture, Andrew and I are a lot a like and I know this so humbling and such a comforting place at the same time for him!

It looks like he did finally start to receive packages from us, and I think his mission president held them all for him until Christmas day. Merry Christmas Andrew!!
He says that Christmas down there was all fireworks and tamales, I personally am very jealous. It's still very hot, but they shoot off fireworks all night and all day and everyone makes huge batches of tamales, so he was well taken care of, and about the same went for New Year's as well.

IT's amazing how different their culture is, Andrew has been dealing with a lot of drunks lately, as he puts it, and its sad. Him and his companion have embarked upon several situations all within a few days of each other, of passed out or drunken men. He knows in his heart and believes they want to change, but is discouraged when he encounters them and knows they have not changed. Sometimes Satan is stronger than we know. But they are being true servants of the lord, helping those at their lowest points, they went to visit a friend and found him passed out for several hours, and helped get him to a safe place and made sure he had food to eat.

He has also found that he is a staph carrier, which means he has to be careful about breaks in his skin, they get extremely infected. He is in very good hands, aside from the Lord, he has an amazing medical staff looking after him.

They had a family that they have been working on to get baptized since he has been down there, and the family suddenly started avoiding them, his zone leaders decided to bring the sister missionaries up to see if they could help, and they aren't sure what happened but the family showed up and was baptized on Saturday!

He is going to get a new companion this week, and thinks it will be a latin Elder and he is really excited for that....
Ok well this cute little guy is not his new companion, and I know I said we were not going to post pics of them, but maybe one won't hurt. Plus I CANNOT resist this adorable little guy, I could squeeze him!!! He is of the family they just baptized, and they bought him this tie and he is wearing Andrew's nametag. This photo completely melts my heart, and is proof what Andrew is doing is right!

One last fun little story, Andrew and his American companion made french toast for a family on New Year's day and they were completely amazed and keep asking when they are going to make it again. Isn't it funny to think some people have never had something has simple as french toast?!

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