Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Off He Goes!

It's time to finally put this blog to use. I will get better at posting pictures in order (I hope!), but today, we took Andrew as a family to the MTC. It was really an awesome experience and there were a lot of tears!
First things first, here is his address at the MTC, PLEASE WRITE HIM!:

Elder Andrew Todd Smith
MTC Mailbox # 89
GUA-RET 1122
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
**I will tag all of the posts on this blog with 'address' if they contain a new address so you can search at any time to find out where to write him

Andrew and my Dad hugging goodbye, this was so sweet

Andrew hugging mom goodbye, I think it just hit him how much he is going to miss her!

Our parents are so proud, and they should be!
Uncle 'Wandrew', we will miss you!

This was a sweet shot I stole of my mom and him....
I am so proud of Andrew's decision to spend two years of his life serving the Lord. He is so focused and ready for this, it's unreal. There were literally hundreds of missionaries at the MTC to greet him and it is so amazing to see that many great, outstanding young men who are willing to serve the Lord. I was overwhelmed by the spirit and the love as we dropped him off. It was a hard day but I have a feeling it will be harder waiting to hear from him for the first time!

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